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Client Engagement Process


After you register in Axapta School, Axapta School Development assigns an experienced trainer who is responsible for front-ending all activities not only training but also KT, making student understand project management in technology. Trainer establishes working relationships with the student to Axapta School and provides the wiki and also notes, bolgs, training tasks and also make student prepared for certification and make student acheive objectives and sets up reporting frequency and format. The trainer takes responsibility of student, allocating all assets that are required for successful completion of the training and sample project [if planned] based on course and organization policy and maintaining continuous communication with the student.


After detailed training is formulated and registration is done by the student, Axapta School trainer and development team starts the trainign work. Depending on the student's preferences and the training requirement nature we can prepare role tailored training and technical specifications and interface prototypes; we can also add Use Cases description etc. At Axapta School Development we assign a dedicated trainer for limited set of students in each batch. After completion of training, you can also access our blogs, wiki and can get support from our trainers for any support or development issues while you work in corporate. Training is done in web enabled services like, Live Meeting, Goto Meeting, Microsoft Lync based on availabiltiy of sessions and choice of trainer and student. Full fledged notes is also provided for students which can be used throughout the development process and they will be given complete access to the blogs, wiki and to the large community supported and maintained by Axapta School.


Upon successful completion of the training, we continue our cooperation with the students. We arrange support for all of our deliveries. Whenever we identify issues, we have a large community and wiki that forms a response stream that includes our quality assurance and programming personnel also. This team works together to ensure that the student's issue is understood and dispatched accordingly. Naturally, all issues are tracked and measured, and daily and weekly reports and updates are noted which can be used by students to avoid issues in their developments. This whole issue register/database is made accessible to students by Axapta School for students and trainers review and action.


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